SemcoEngineering_logoDIRECTIVE PED/97/23/CE

  • Analysis, verification, inspections and tests according to Mod. Ai, B, C1, F e G
  • Analysis, verification and approval of projects/design according to Mod. B/B1, G e H/H1
  • First installation test commissioning, verification of periodic retraining resulting from repairs or alterations to pressure equipment (DM 329/2005)
  • Directive TPED 1999/36/CE
  • Inspections analysis and welding operators qualification EN 287, EN 13133, EN 288, EN 13134
  • Analysis, inspections and testing of materials (EN 10204)


Semco Engineering is responsible of management for design and engineering services all over the world, based on high quality of projects developed, and supported by a team of specialised engineers, expert technicians and assistants, highly experienced and qualified, that ensure an elevated level of quality on Oil & Gas, Chemical and Energy areas.


TUV Certificate